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She said WHAT to me about money?!


“Wait really? I had no idea! Remind me again why it’s not important as you spend your life working a job you hate for the thing that doesn’t matter??” Sorry is my sarcasm leaking through this email onto your keyboard? Not the best way to start a Saturday. Let me try this again.

Money is absolutely not the purpose of life. This I know for sure.

So why do I spend so much damn time talking about it?!

Well exactly as I stated above.

Money isn’t the most important thing in your life so…

  • Why are you wasting so much time worrying about making enough of it to pay your bills?
  • Why do you spend so much time comparing yourself to people who have more of it than you?
  • Why don’t you make a lot more of it so you never have to think about it again?

The people who talk the most shit about money are usually the people who have a lot of problems because of a lack of money.

And maybe that’s you! I’ve definitely been there. It sucks.

And you’re afraid to want more than you have because deep down, somewhere in the depths of your dope ass self, you believe you are not enough to deserve everything you want and more.

I’m calling B.S. on that. And I will keep calling B.S. on it until you truly understand how ridiculous it is. It’s OFFENSIVE honestly. HOW DARE YOU?! How dare you stab your own soul in the back like that!!!

Making a lot of money in your business is a decision and if you really want it, you’re going to have to ABSOLUTELY commit to it. With every single part of you. I’m talking body, spirit, and soul. Is the whole team in??! Awesome. LET’S GO.

In the beginning of my business last year I did A LOT OF THINGS WRONG. But one thing I did right?? I committed to making a lot of money. And since I started in January 2018 I’ve made over $300k!!!

*Insert your money alarms going off again* 

Why do I talk about how much money I’ve made openly?

Well first of all, let’s get this straight. It’s just money. Demystify the bitch. She ain’t nothing but a number on a yearly statement. You should never feel embarrassed to talk about how much money you’ve made, whether it’s $1,000,000 or $7. Stop making it mean anything about anything.

And #2, hearing other successful entrepreneurs money numbers helped ME expand my mindset early on. A large reason six-figures has been so easy for me is because I KNEW it was possible. 

So instead of going, “Kinz made that amount of money in her business but that can’t work for me. I’m not ______ enough. I don’t have enough ________.” Whatever the slightly relevant but overwhelmingly boring sob story is you are telling yourself, I don’t care. What I DO care about, with every single bit of me, is YOU making enough money to live the abundant life of your dreams.

So instead of thinking about all the reasons you can’t do it, instead consciously decide, “Wow, that’s so cool. I can do it, too.”

Anytime you have a desire to make more money, grow your business, have more influence, whatever it is, that’s the universe showing you IT’S POSSIBLE. And by you not following that niggle, you are basically telling the universe to eff off. Telling it that you don’t care and you don’t want what’s in store for you if you show up for your highest potential.

And then you sit around telling people money isn’t important and worry more about what your great-aunt Martha is thinking about your Instagram posts. Spoiler alert, Martha ain’t paying yo bills sweetie pie. And circle back up above if you’re still stuck on the money isn’t important thing.

How does it sound to not worry about money one single ounce during the holidays?

How would it feel to decide to take most of December off because you want to spend time with family? (Or maybe spend time away from family, no judgement here haha!)

How amazing would it be to wake up knowing your bills are paid, your business is continually growing day by day, and that each time you decide to make more money, you can?

I made something for you. Something I’m REALLY freaking excited about. A mastermind for reaching the six-figure mark in your business. Easily. Effortlessly. Automatically.

That doesn’t mean it’s not going to take work. But the work won’t feel like work. It will feel like showing up as yourself, talking about products that you love, and getting paid for it along the way.

Here’s the link to more details about the Six-Figure Ceo Mastermind.

The price goes up over $200 tomorrow. You can get in for only $269 on the payment plan. I’ve never heard of a mastermind this low price so why did I do it?? Because I’m pissed off that more of you aren’t at the six-figures mark. You deserve it. I hope to see you inside 🙂


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