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BAE. Your odometer is broken…

And you’re safely coasting along with the flow of traffic but they’re going SLOW AS HELL.


There’s no rules on this biz freeway. You can go as fast as you want. But for some reason you’re clumping with the group of people casually going 5 miles under the speed limit.

So why are you chilling here?? Maybe you are having some thoughts like “I can’t go faster than this person or they’ll feel bad.” “I can’t pass this person or they’ll think I’m showing off.” “What if the business police sees me speeding and gives me a ticket?”

Wanna know what the cold hard facts are?? First of all there’s no business police. Thank goodness. Also, a lot of the people going under the speed limit are going to see you hauling ass in the fast lane and come to follow your lead! 

When you level up and confidently go after what you want, people WILL notice. It might make them uncomfortable at first, but a lot of them will eventually join you because that higher level is MAGNETIC AF BABY.

When you lift your frequency you’re contributing to lifting everyone’s vibe around you. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever? Who cares if it pisses off some people who want to stay comfortably 10 under the speed limit?? Let them enjoy their mediocre-ness until they run out of Applebee’s with food poisoning.*

This business freeway is always evolving and changing and has bumps and turns and road construction galore. But you can navigate it. Especially if you upgrade your sedan into a six-figure money making Tesla ass machine. (Tesla ass machine? Idk guys. My adding “ass” to the end of everything is gonna get me in trouble one day)

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*Full transparency, I eff with Applebee’s chicken strips in a major way. Just seemed appropriate to poke fun of mediocre Applebee’s fans for the analogy. But in RL my food taste is 5 miles under the speed limit. CANCEL ME. IDC.

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