Have you ever worked on a farm?

Me neither lol.

Have you ever planted a garden?

Me neither lol.

But I wanna use the four seasons of farming/gardening to make a hell of an analogy. So even though I’ve never harvested corn I researched and read articles to give you the most accurate biz comparison possible.

So to preface my little farm analogy, I’ve had a realization lately in business and life. Everything comes in seasons. Sometimes things are going REALLY FREAKING GOOD and sometimes things are going REALLY FREAKING SLOW. We have control over how good we make things and how bad we make things but we also have to accept how it’s going and move forward.

To give you a little breakdown of planting and harvesting. In Spring after the ground has thawed out, the first step is planting seeds. Easy enough right? This is the fun part. I’ve definitely done this part of gardening a time or two before.

Next comes summer. Waiting vibes. But we’re not just waiting around here. You’re still watering those seeds because ain’t nobody asking for dry ass seeds.

In fall/early winter you reap the rewards of your hard work. It’s harvest season, bitches. Pick mama some pumpkins cuz we’re having PIE.

And then winter comes and everyone is tired after harvest so you rest/feel depressed if you have seasonal depression which I’m very sure most people have.

Easy enough right? I’m thinking about effing around and starting a farm later. BUT how does this apply to you and your business?


It’s like big dick energy but different. Nothing is more exciting than a new business. Everyone shows up for the first two weeks and then they get a little bored and fall off the map for a second. Like WHAT. If you had a farm and you planted all these seed, but then didn’t water them for months, how would that work??


After the excitement of a new business you then have to last through the summer. You’ve planted the seeds and now you’re just going to keep nurturing your audience. Some seeds may turn into flowers and bloom! But the majority of your seeds are going to need a LOT of watering.


Then comes the good times. Fall. Harvest season. All of the sudden, all those seeds are ready to be picked. (Is that the right term?) This is the part where your audience is READY to buy you just have to now take the initiative to launch AMAZING products or services. Because it’s not like pumpkins just magically turn into pumpkin pie. There’s still steps to take


After harvest, you’re going to be tired. You could A. push through, or B. enjoy a season of rest. Study your craft! Learn some new things to start applying in Spring. Figure out how to keep your business running while you can take a little break. If you push through the winters of your business too many times you’re going to burn out.

This isn’t to say hop off of Instagram for 3 months and disappear. Some of your seeds are going to last through the winter. So you still gotta keep nurturing that audience!


The main thing I want you to internalize is good things are always coming. There’s always another Fall around the corner. Keep doing the things you know you’re supposed to do in your business and the customers will convert.


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