I feel like I could sit down and write a mother freaking novel right now. March was insanity. So many breakthroughs. So many shifts. So many cool, new people I met who are doing such amazing things.

I was adding someone in my phone contacts yesterday and added her business name after her first name and it just hit me. I feel so lucky to know SO MANY bad ass entrepreneurs. EVERY SINGLE ONE of my friends own a business of some sort. And, like, how freaking amazing is that??

I also have had some really exciting conversations about advancements in my business. I can’t tell much more now, but plz stay tuned.

The past month I’ve spent a week in Disneyland with my sisters and then a week in Palm Springs at Alt Summit with my besties. Read my post about what I learned at Alt here.

One of the nights in Palm Springs we were walking along main street headed to dinner and we passed by a psychic shop. Lex and I went to a psychic on a trip to NYC once and it was the worst. The psychic was 100% just trying to up sale us on everything. And she created a lot of mental blocks for me too. You have to be careful with any work like this because it can create mental thoughts and beliefs that are NOT TRUE.

Well because we’re insane we ended up going to this new psychic anyways. And I’m SO SO GLAD we did!! She was the most empowering psychic ever.

We all did a full tarot spread and obviously sat in and listened to each other’s readings. She said things that were so spot on for all of us. We were excited, stoked, motivated, feeling allllll the good feelings after.

On the plane back to Utah I was thinking about it and I had a realization. Tammi (our sweet psychic queen) literally just told us that all the things we were hoping for were going to come true. Our individual dreams and hopes with our business are all happening. The timelines were individualized and ranged anywhere from 2 years to 10 years, but I’m TOTALLY okay with that.

Why did I need a psychic to tell me my business would be massively successful in 3 years? I don’t know. Because I’m a crack head. But I’m assuming you need the same sort of boost, so please let me give that to you.


The things you are searching for? You’ll find them. Your business goals? You’ll reach them. Your purpose? You’ll live it. Be patient. Do the things that you know work. And then settle in for the long haul. Building a business is long game vibes. So don’t hustle yourself exhausted.


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