Sometimes branding can feel totally overwhelming. Trust me, I get it. I’ve been doing this branding thing for 10 years and I still get overwhelmed when thinking about my brand strategy.

I was thinking about it as I was taking a nap the other day (as one naturally does hahaha) and these three questions came to me.


We complicate it WAY too much. We get into all this talk about brand strategy, positioning, target market, demographic trends, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

I don’t care about any of that!! I think you could strategize your brand to freaking death. And we’re not out here trying to do that.

It’s as simple as getting clear on who you’re selling to, why you’re selling to them, and how you are going to sell.

Through doing those three things, you’ll figure out your marketing strategy, what type of a community you want to build, and what your next aligned action steps are! It’s literally that simple.

Now this could become another thing on the long list of your to-dos for your business. Just stop it, please. Stop overthinking it all!! So much of this clarity will come to you once you start doing the damn thing.

#1. WHO?

So who exactly are you selling to? Who is that person who looks up to you as the expert? Who would benefit the absolute most from what you are selling?

This is your “target demographic” in technical branding terms. This is the person you are speaking to with each insta post, email, video, etc.

I would argue this is the MOST important part element of your brand! It’s so vital you know who you are talking to or you end of talking to no one!

#2. WHY?

If you’ve ever learned anything about branding, chances are you’ve heard about finding your “why”. Sometimes I get in my head and try to get too deep finding my “why” when in reality it’s easy to figure out.

What is the main reason you are selling what you’re selling? What do you want people to feel about your brand? What do you want your brand to inspire them to do?

#3. HOW?

How are you getting your message out there? Instagram? Facebook? Emails? Choose ONE place and speak LOUD AND OFTEN in that place.

How are you communicating your why? Captions? Videos? Photos? Once you know the answers to who and why it should be much easier to figure out where your dream girl is hanging out. Hang out there too!

Once you’ve gotten clarity on these three questions, you’ll start building a community, marketing to them, and then continually taking aligned action to move your brand forward.

And with each day in your business you will find more and more clarity of where you are going. It’s just as simple as asking the right questions and showing the eff up.

If you feel like you could still use a little help in the branding department, sign up for my 10-Day Branding Bootcamp!! It will help you figure out all of these important questions, and SO MUCH MORE. Click here to get instant access 🙂

Until tomorrow.


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